Hey, Awkward

I hang out with my friends

We sit down on a bench

Lights dance around us

The band plays on stage

I didn’t think about you.

Tick tock said the clock

Noise…a commotion…

We stare at the entrance

We wait.

A girl appears…then another…

I realize what that meant

I wasn’t prepared.

Finally, someone spoke,

Greeted them,

“Hey, awkward, you’re here.”

You take your place on the stage.

I try to look away.

Try to engage in a deep conversation

Try not to notice your presence.

I try…I try…but I fail.

I steal a glance at you

Then my eyes travel elsewhere

I pretend to be blind

I stand up, go to the comfort room,

Remove my contact lens,

Wear my low grade glasses

Perhaps he’ll think that I didn’t look up

Because I wasn’t wearing glasses

Fool! Low grade glasses!

They made my vision even more blurry

Than wearing just one contact lens.

I return to my seat

Fool! Now I don’t know whether

Or not I should look at him;

Don’t know whether he’s looking

At me or not

I can’t see you clearly

I stare blankly at the stage

We stand up and prepare to leave

“Hey, Awkward, I gotta go.

Talk to you later?”

“Hey, Awkward, I missed you.”


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