Telephone Scam

Our telephone rang so I picked the receiver up. Nobody answered at the other end. I placed the receiver back down and continued to watch the Azkals’ game against Laos. A moment later, the phone rang again. The call was from an agent of a so-called ‘Utama Electronic Company‘. I have never heard of this company so the word SCAM automatically entered my mind. Knowing that only our telephone company would have access to our telephone number and information, I decided to “play-along” to know what she’s got to offer. She asked me when we got our phone, I told he that we got it this May. So she said that they were giving out rewards for twenty phones that were connected this year. She said that I needed to present two valid IDs at the designated claiming center at the second floor of a building in this city where I live in. I had to look for “Green Top” and an agent was going to give me my reward item. Ughhh, that’s the building where there are a lot of ‘agents’ standing outside, telling passers-by that they have a gift certificate/reward that they can claim for free AT THE SECOND FLOOR OF THAT BUILDING. They gave me this “special code” to use when I claim the item. They asked me where I live and what my name is so that they could record it. I gave fake details, of course. When the call ended, I knew that I had to verify the company’s name and details. I surfed the internet. Articles about the company and the company’s call being a scam appeared.

I knew it! The next time you receive a suspicious phone call, listen to your gut and put the receiver down. Our telephone comes with a ‘Caller ID’ feature. If the same number pops up when they call, don’t pick up.


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