Wishes are for Little Girls

I’ve given up wishing for you
I’m going to stop searching for dandelions to blow
Stop staying up late waiting for the clock to hit 11:11
Stop looking up at the sky at night to see the first star to appear,
Or wait for a shooting star to whiz across
Stop wasting my coins on wishing wells
Stop blowing fallen eyelashes from the tip of my finger
Stop wishing for you when I blow out the candles on my next birthday cake
I’m done with all that because another girl did the same thing,
She got her wish – you.

-Poem originally written on November 30, 2015 in a notebook labeled Compositions for the Imaginative Minds.


I stare at them, not in a creepy disturbing way

I stare at them observantly

I study them, absorb every detail, take mental notes

I was curious, and this was an opportunity

to look at them without getting caught

Bothered by the question whether they were black or brown

It was a mystery that I was so eager to solve

It was a puzzle that I just had to piece together

After all this time, this was a chance to finally find out

My method was on-point, direct

I start at the corner of his eyes

The part where he won’t catch me staring

From that angle, the outline is midnight black

I begin to make conclusions – they are black

I talk to him, he faces me

The afternoon sun casts its rays

The light indirectly flood his face

His eyes illuminate revealing its true color

No, I think to myself

They’re brown

And it’s not just any kind of brown

It’s definitely not the dull type of brown

It’s the shade of brown that makes you stare in awe

It’s the tint that makes me forget that my favorite color is green

His eyes are my new favorite color,

And they’re the fondest things I see

I sit beside you, half listening to your words

I sit beside you, gawking in wonderment

Astonished by the galaxies in your eyes that are windows to the universe that is your very soul.

Boy Meets Girl

Boy meets girl
They become close friends
They hang out a lot
They share secrets

Boy meets girl
People start teasing them
People think they’re a couple
People become inquisitive

Boy meets girl
Girl doesn’t mind
Girl evaluates friendship level
Girl starts having indescribable feelings for boy

Boy meets girl
Boy has no intentions of dating girl
Boy places girl in the friendzone
Boy develops awkward relationship with girl

Boy ends peer assumptions
Boy eyes another girl
Boy approaches this girl
Boy tries to make his move

Girl is hurt
Girl feels sorry for herself
Girl misses her boy best friend
Girl is all alone

Boy meets girl
They were only meant to meet